New Feature Release - Document Bundling

News | Product feature

We're excited to announce Safelink has launched its new and improved bundling capability.

Safelink customers can now create and manipulate document bundles electronically and physically, eliminating the need to rely on multiple softwares such as Microsoft, a DMS or pdf software.  

Safelink makes the bundling process super easy, faster and more efficient through features such as auto-generation of indices and page numbering, customised coversheets, automatic generation of spine labels and front covers. Safelink also has the ability to auto-generate witness statements and skeleton arguments. 

Some of our team are from a litigation background, so we know from our own experience the tight deadlines that drive a quick turn around on bundle delivery. This really can make the whole process highly pressured and using multiple systems is not ideal and only adds to the stress.

Imagine being able to quickly upload your files into an online portal, define sections and instantaneously have a hyper-linked indexed bundle PDF ready to download or print! Now you can with Safelink! 

We all know that last minute changes or additions to a bundle can have huge implications for the whole bundle structure, but with Safelink you can make amendments or additions and it will automatically update the index and page numbering to account for the changes. No more late nights at the photocopier!